Flying a S107G with your android

I recently bought a S107G RC Copter for my daughter :-). I would say this is an incredible piece of work, super stable and robust. These are the best spent 20$.

I had plans to fly the copter outside then i realized that it was an IR controlled copter so it can flown indoors only. So what next.. Lets try to write an app which can fly the copter. Doing some research led me to this blog on decoding the IR protocol for S107G. It is very interesting how the protocols are reverse engineered (worried about keyless entry to your car now).

I do not have an IR transmitter for arduino so i had to use my S5 for this.

After struggling for a weekend i was able to understand the blog , how IR works and write my first Android app. App is able to control the copter but i am guessing that the phone is not realtime enough to sustain the IR transmission (or my code is buggy). Sometimes copter does not respond to the app, it loses throttle as well( so it is best to use the supplied controller). This POC is just for fun and keeping your mind of work during the weekends.