Ubuntu Karmic Upgrade

Recently upgraded to Jaunty 9.04 and was disappointed with the video performamce. After googling a bit it turned out that there is an issue with intel video drivers. Jaunty Video Issues.

I had configured interpid on my laptop (Hp dv1000, which itself is crappy, i bought it as soon as it came to market and discovered overheating issues) and was very happy with u/kbuntu performamce with wonderful eyecandy configurations.

Soon after the upgrade

* VLC would not play any videos
* Chromium BSD would fail.

I worked around a bit by changing the Video settings to X11 in VLC and disabling fullscreen in chromium. But this did not work for long and the only solution mentioned on ubuntu forums was to upgrade to next kernel and possibly karmic kaola.

Problem did not end there, an upgrade to new development version failed citing some libscriptqt dependencies. Banged my head for sometime as as usual i was doing this at 12 in the midnight rendering my system unusable (not really). Kernel did not upgrade and last version was not usable. No graphics 😦

Luckily there is the recovery mode where i could boot in network mode and then do a
apt-get build-dep and things worked out. New version of ubuntu is still alpha and i have seen a few crashed already (possibly bugs or my laptop freezing by overheat).