Slipped disc

Recently i was disgnosed with a slipped disc and am going through conservative treatment. In Retrospect i can figure out the causes for the same now. My JOB being one of them.

With this post i wish to share with you all some of my ‘googlin’ on this.

Disclaimer: Kindly do visit a doctor in case of a back pain. This information is information only.

What is a Sliped Disc?

When you misbehave with your spine and put it under undue stress discs supporting your spine lose there shape and bulgue out in ‘normal’ cases. Extremes include disk rupture and leakage of gel like material from the disks.

This causes pressure on the nerves coming out of the spine which results in pain in lower body.

How do you get it?
* Incorrect posture (do not bend forward while working in a computer)
* Prolonged sitting

Treatments available?

* Conservative treatment: Rest for initial 2-3 weeks , Then stablization exercises as prescribed my physio.
* Surgical treatment: Disk replacement or corrective action on disk.

Some Resources: